High OTA Spend

Recapture Your Money, Control, and Client


OTA – those three letters have altered the travel distribution landscape, and with high commissions, these discount hotel websites are consuming your potential profits.

Raise your hotel’s visibility where it counts, and direct consumers to your website to book. Shifting consumer market share away from OTAs can increase your bookings and revenue – and that money back in your budget can be used to enhance the on-property guest experience.

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Low Website Conversion

Convert Browsers to Bookers

People are perusing your website but not booking. How can you drive commerce through your website and boost the conversion rate?

Engage consumers with compelling content, and ensure that they always have easy access to your room inventory – both are crucial to successful conversion.

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Low Website Traffic

Bolster Web Page Activity and Revenue

You’ve crafted a dynamic hotel product but must raise awareness to increase website traffic of potential guests exploring your web pages. Among the sea of competing travel websites and OTAs in the marketplace, your website needs to be more top-of-mind with consumers because it’s not claiming its share of traffic.

Create a targeted program of proven, short-term and long-term online marketing tactics to move the needle in the right direction, get consumers clicking, and generate a return on your investment.

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Low Repeat Business

Inspire Loyalty – Nurture Strong Relationships

You deliver a delightful vacation experience but it doesn’t translate into a repeat hotel stay, especially if the booking came via an OTA.

Follow an enhanced marketing strategy to create a connection with your guests upon arrival (or even beforehand) and build an authentic relationship with them that’s your own. The process of cultivating guest loyalty continues after they’ve departed – and, when implemented properly, it can encourage direct bookings in the future.

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Outdated Website

From Dull to Dynamic – Revamp Your Web Presence

Your website doesn’t convey your hotel’s distinct personality in an enticing manner. Your hotel might be brimming with consumer appeal but your web presence is flat and dull – and potential guests quickly move on elsewhere.

Use a modern website design to share your hotel’s story in a way to inspire vacation dreams. Keep your website content fresh and intriguing, and update it consistently. Leverage contemporary design standards and new technologies to ensure your website can be seamlessly viewed on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

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Minimal Social Media Presence

Develop Your Place In The Social Space

Maintaining a social media marketing strategy is central to heightening awareness of your hotel, shaping your voice, and building your business. But, navigating the social space takes time and expertise, and you don’t have the hours to skillfully manage and measure your social presence.

Through a smartly executed social media marketing strategy, you can meaningfully engage with your guests and achieve impactful results.

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Negative Reviews

A Robust Online Reputation = Path to Profitability

In a world of user-generated content, positive and negative reviews are a reality – and they can either uplift your hotel’s online reputation or damage it, adversely affecting revenue.

Improve your online reputation management by increasing the number of property reviews and ensuring hotel leaders’ engagement, and then reap the rewards of positive praise – higher rankings and revenue. To further enhance your online reputation, track your reviews, examine consumer sentiment, and identify potential guest issues to be addressed.

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