Review Express

Reviews and rankings are a dominate force in the travel web-universe. In our technology-happy world, the “power of the pen” – or in this case, typing on a keyboard – to share a viewpoint is a powerful, business-generating concept. That’s why gathering travel reviews for your property is crucial when it comes to marketing.

Through TripAdvisor’s free Review Express program, you can easily send professional-looking, personalized follow-up e-mails to past guests (up to 1,000 recent vacationers) requesting that they take some time to share their positive admiration of the hotel with the vast TripAdvisor community.

Consumers comb through reviews to support their travel decisions, so doing what you can to collect as much positive praise as possible is a smart way to help grow your business. Boost the number of reviews, increase your TripAdvisor rankings, and subsequently receive more bookings.


  • Harness the influence of favorable reviews
  • Raise your rankings with this free marketing tool
  • Stay connected to guests post-stay