Hotel Marketing – How It Can Help Double Your Business’ Revenue


Many people wonder whether online marketing strategies are truly worth their time and money. In the hospitality industry, the answer is a definite ‘yes.’ With 57 percent of all visitors booking their hotel accommodations online, it is a must for all hotels to be utilizing hotel marketing strategies as part of their overall marketing plan to gain profit and new clients. And a good marketing team will not only help solve marketing-related problems, they will reach out to consumers to actually drive demand.

What is Hotel Internet Marketing?

Simply put, Internet marketing is the online sales component of your business. The travel industry saw over $162 billion in sales in 2012, with hotels representing 39 percent of that amount. These days, hotel Internet marketing is more than just setting up a static web page and including some keywords on the webpage contents and building backlinks. Now, customers expect round-the-clock responses, interactive pages, and more. There simply is not enough time for staff members to handle all things that must be done over a specific period of time.

With various hotel Internet marketing packages available, a hotel owner can just opt to hire experts who can apply effective SEO techniques, keyword research, track consumer trends and more. Some also offer additional hotel website design services, which means that they can ensure your site is mobile-friendly and give advice on its overall appearance.

Hoteliers must change with the times, and that includes creating websites and applying marketing strategies. Because hotel marketing is a competitive industry that involves numerous channels, multiple devices, and thorough goal-setting and follow-through, it is best handed over to professionals who can handle the tasks involved. With their expertise in marketing, you will know that you’re working with someone who understands your business and can apply the appropriate techniques.

By integrating hotel marketing service into the overall revenue strategy, a hotel can drive consumer interest, resulting in higher profit and more.