Meta-Search Marketing

With ever-increasing advertising budgets, OTAs create distinct challenges for single, independent hotels. But the meta-search engines have changed that paradigm.

Players such as TripAdvisor, Kayak, Trivago and Google have leveled the playing field by showing your hotel’s real-time rates and availability right alongside the OTAs. This shift means you can capture traffic traditionally dominated by the OTAs, generate incremental revenue, lower your monthly OTA expenses, and cultivate brand loyalty for your guests. Even a small campaign can produce large results.

We don’t just provide the crucial technology to connect you to each of these sources. Meta-search marketing requires continuous attention so we proactively monitor ROI and run the campaigns on your behalf.

To get started, all that’s required is a booking engine that interfaces with the meta-search systems. If you don’t have one, we can assist you with finding the right booking engine to fit your needs.


  • Share your inventory with otherwise inaccessible consumers
  • Shift from OTA customers to your own, loyal guests
  • Reduce OTA dependence and lower your OTA spend
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Meta-Search Marketing

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