Social Media Marketing

The time is right to go ‘face to face’ – or in the Internet age, ‘face to Facebook.’ With social media marketing, it’s about the likes, comments and shares, and the engagement that happens.

The social networking giant’s advertising platform achieves two key objectives you can confidently get behind: building your brand on Facebook and routing traffic to your hotel’s website with measureable return. And, the cost (compared to other channels) allows you to significantly stretch your budget to reach a high volume of consumers.

Offering ads that can be viewed on desktop, tablet and mobile, Facebook creates opportunities for you to meet new customers and continue connecting with your existing ones – all with a laser-focused approach. Your ads can be customized based on location, demographics, interests, behavior and more, and we skillfully coordinate your campaign based on your individual goals. The platform’s granular targeting is some of the most successful and cost-efficient we’ve seen perform in the market.

Additionally, Facebook allows for re-marketing, meaning that your former site visitors will see your ads while they’re on the Facebook platform.


  • Clear and definable target market
  • Extend your number of fans based on current audience
  • Re-targeting capability to heighten consumer reach