E-mail Marketing

Staying top-of-mind with your guests is vital because hotel competition is fierce. One of the best ways to remain relevant is through results-driven e-mail marketing campaigns – they are a proven affordable, intelligent and successful online strategy for growing your business.

Pertinent, worthwhile offers and important news delivered through monthly e-mail campaigns help build and sustain a long-term relationship with your customers. To elevate your open and click-through rates, campaigns should be personalized, sent to carefully segmented groups, and feature on-point messaging. Plus, our e-mail campaigns are fully responsive so consumers can conveniently view messages across all platforms.

You’ve collected client data and assembled a strong e-mail list so now is the time to make it work for you with the right type of e-mail marketing program.


  • Alert consumers of special deals in a timely fashion
  • Supplement low-demand periods with specific offers
  • Convert OTA customers to loyal guests
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