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Hotel Marketing Strategy – Importance Of Guest Engagement

There are many components that come together to form an effective hotel marketing strategy, from search engine optimization to pay per click advertising. However, one aspect that all hotels need to focus on is guest engagement. Continue reading to discover all you need to know.

Guest engagement essentially means the engagement of customers with your company and your brand. From your social media activity to your hotel website design to the content on your blog, you need to engage with customers in a way that responds to their needs and emotionally resonates with them. By doing this, you can increase the chances of them booking a stay at your hotel, which will in turn lead to higher profit levels. There are various different approaches to customer engagement, such as, getting a customer to become a fan of your Facebook page, drawing a customer into a conversation, persuading someone to take a poll, getting someone to subscribe to your blog or newsletter and so on and so forth. Social media management is often a critical part of hotel marketing when it comes to guest engagement. This is because social media allows customers and prospective customers to get closer to your brand than ever before. The likes of Twitter and Facebook give you the opportunity to cultivate relationships with guests, which is key to effective engagement. These strategies are imperative if you want to stay connected with your customers and ensure they book a stay at your hotel again.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of guest engagement and why it is a pivotal part of any hotel marketing strategy. Hotel Internet Strategies are experts in online marketing for hotels, and can ensure your guest engagement is effective. Check out the company’s website, http://hisinteractive.com/, and learn more about their services.