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Hotel Email Marketing

Hotel Email Marketing - The Best Way To Eliminate Empty Rooms

Hotel email marketing is a great way to make sure rooms are never empty, yet the vast majority of hotel businesses are failing to deploy this strategy effectively. We're going to cover some crucial tips that will show you how to use email to stay ahead of the competition.

The first thing to understand is that hotels should have separate email lists, one for their past customers, and one for potential customers. Some of the information suitable to previous patrons of the hotel won't make sense when sent to someone who has never stayed there before, so it's always worth using separate lists to maximize conversions. Hotel marketing doesn't just revolve around the hotel itself, and when sending out emails hotels should highlight things to do in the surrounding area. Remember, you are often competing with hotels around the world, not just in the local area. Regular emails should be part of any hotel Internet marketing strategy. If hotels email more frequently, they'll always be top of mind when a customer is ready to decide where to stay. If someone has stayed somewhere before, it's worth sending them vouchers for free days or upgrades through email. The same approach can be adopted with potential customers too. But rewarding past customers is a great way to build up a loyal consumer base, which is essential when you consider how important repeat business is for hotel.

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