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Best Hotel Website Design Tips To Turn Visitors Into Paying Guests

The best hotel website design isn't always the one that looks the nicest, which will surprise a lot of people who think the beauty of a site is the only thing that matters. Unfortunately, the attractiveness of a website doesn't pay the bills, so it's time hotels forgot about what they previously thought about website design.

Of course, a stunning hotel website design is still a good thing, but conversion rate optimization will fill rooms and hotels need to embrace it. If a customer needs to spend ages on a website trying to find what they want, a large majority of them will give up and go somewhere else. Hotels need to make sure the process in which a customer lands on the site and makes a booking is as streamlined as possible if they want maximum conversions. They must also ensure there are lots of sign-up forms on their website because most people don't buy straight away, and they need to revisit the site after being sent emails. Although conversion rate optimization is king, hotel marketing is competitive, so the likes of striking and stunning images do matter. Perhaps not so much on the homepage, but professionals-quality photos of every room are essential. Another great thing to incorporate into the design of a hotel website is walk-through videos of rooms and amenities, as it's another easy way to turn more visitors into paying guests. Hotels should feel free to make their website design as nice as possible, but they must track everything to make sure any changes don't lower conversions.

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